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He suffered from a rare disease mutation of chromosomes. But Supatra Sasuphan not inferior.
The little girl from Thailand who suffer from rare diseases, must accept the fact that her face was covered with wild hair like a wolf.
Supatra Sasuphan, 11, initially, of course, sad because it is often teased by his friends. However, now he no longer inferior.
Despite Ambras syndrome (bawaaan disease due to mutation of chromosomes) which affects only about 50 people around the world, now it started Sasuphan confidence.
He is now just won Guinness World Record as the girl's hair owner of the majority. Photographs Sasuphan
Almost the entire dorsal surface of his face covered with thick hair, except the eyes and mouth.
Supatra Sasuphan already immune to the greeting 'monkey face' or 'wolf girl'. 11 years girl from Thailand is no longer bother with bushy hair that covered almost the entire surface of the face, except eye and mouth area.

He seemed at peace with wild hair growth is also creeping back surface. "I'm used to this condition. I seem to no longer feel the presence of these hairs," he told Britain's Daily Mail, as quoted from page NY Daily News.
Confidence actually increased as popularity. Moreover, after the Guinness World Record record his name as a girl's hair owner in the world, 2010. This predicate successfully remove ridicule people around him. "Now there is nothing called me with a monkey face," he said.

Dad Sammrueng, the father, said that the princess suffered from birth defects. The medical world call with Ambras syndrome, a congenital disease due to mutation of chromosomes. An article at the National Naval Center, said, syndrome, affects less than 50 people in the world.

Supatra rare syndrome that makes breathing difficulties at birth. He must undergo surgery twice to help her breathe. "Nostrils only one millimeter. He was in the incubator for three months and nostril enlargement surgery to one half millimeter," says Dad.
Successfully passed the critical period in early life, Supatra grow healthy. He loved to dance, watch cartoons, and listening to music. He also has a goal of no less than children her own age. "I want to be a doctor so I can help patients when they are injured," he said. "I hope one day I can be cured."

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