Rabu, 14 Maret 2012


Heartbreaking. Want to pick up her husband came home from work at drug companies, a young woman killed by container on Jalan Teuku Umar, West Cikarang, Bekasi, Monday (12/3) afternoon.

Ade Sumiyati, 34, died horribly. His body was crushed with the Supra Fit motorcycles blue Z 3593 AP. His head bounced off of the body a few meters from the site. Victim's body can be removed from the counter after a two-hour overlap officers evacuate.

Pian victim's husband, 35, knew she had the accident at the scene. The man was instantly limp. He can not say much. Co-workers got into a car Pian bolster the officer to be appeased.

Residents hysterical look at the event. Police officers Cibitung young woman's body sent to the hospital. Traffic flow at Jalan Teuku Umar and Arterial Roads Toll entrance Cibitung standstill.

Loaded containers of chemicals that happen to a woman motorist was evacuated using two heavy equipment. For about 4 hours kontenernya can only be moved. Normal traffic flow started again.

Container truck B 9807 JG secured the following Abudin, 48, driver in police Cibitung. While the bodies of the victims sent to hospitals Cibitung.

According to Joni, 42, a taxi driver who usually hung around the site, he was surprised to hear the thunderous sound. This taxi driver then saw a woman's head bouncing off of the container which container truck JG 9807 B Street is Teuku Umar. Hysterical people watched it.

Police officers contacted Cibitung come to the site and then brought her head to the hospital. While the containers are stacked and angled motorcycle hit the woman's body makes the flow of traffic jams.

Commissioner Cibitung Kapolsek Zulham Effendi said the truck loads of chemicals coming from the direction toward the door Cibitung Tol. "So that no untoward happens we secure a truck driver," said police chief.