Senin, 26 Desember 2011

VIDEO: Brutal Action Hunting Discount Nike Shoes

 Riots broke out in several stores in the United States, while buyers jostling to get thenew Nike shoes. Shoes the classic version of Air Jordan model is sold at a price of U.S. $ 180 or Rp1, 6 million. While on the eBay site, these shoes are sold at a price of Rp 5, 5 million.

Reported by the BBC, Monday, December 26, 2011, this disorder occurs fromCalifornia to Georgia. Even the buyers who are first in line, have jostled andtrampled. Even terilbat police scuffled with each other and fellow pengantre.

The police even used pepper spray on the water about 20 buyers who fight in a shopping center in Seattle, Washington, last Friday. One other person should be detained even for hitting a policeman.

"He just did not get shoes. But it was sent to prison," said Mike Murphy, a policeofficer who was on the scene.

The police also have fired warning shots to control the buyer. In other chaos, there were at least four people were arrested for breaking the glass door at a shoe storein Lithonia, Georgia.

There are also efforts against those who believed pickpocketing just bought these shoes in Stockton, California. See his video here.

The atmosphere of chaos this seems to repeat the violence also broke out in the 1990s when these shoes became popular targets of theft in America.

Air Jordan is the production of Nike shoes ever worn by six-time NBA championMichael Jordan, and became a kind of collection a must for fans of basketball.

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