Senin, 26 Desember 2011

7 People Shot Dead in Texas Apartment

Christmas celebrations in Texas this year disrupted by the discovery of seven bodies in an apartment in the city Grapevine, Texas, United States. Not only the bodies of four women and three men only, but police also found two pistols inside the apartment.
"This is the investigation of the worst we've ever done since many years," said Robert Eberling of police Grapevine, as published the BBC, Monday, December 26, 2011. Police believe, the seventh victim was a family that comes from three generations.
Age of victims of the shooting varied, ranging from teens to seniors 18 years 60 years. So far, police suspect the first six victims were killed by being shot by another person, before he shot himself.
"We're pretty sure that the perpetrators are also among the victims killed in the apartment. We believe the culprit is not a fugitive," Eberling said.
Eberling also suspect, the seventh victim died after opening a Christmas present.Why, the seventh position when the bodies were found near the Christmas tree in the living room with an open gifts.
According to him, the police rushed to the apartment after receiving a 911 call originating from there. "There is a phone, but no one said anything," he said.
Names of the victims have not been published. And until today, the police continue to conduct inquiries to the discovery of seven bodies. Moreover, these cases occur in the small town of Grapevine, who is always calm and criminal cases are rare.
Based on the statements of neighbors, they pleaded not hear gunshots or any suspicious sounds from the apartment where the discovery of the corpse.Reporting from the daily Wall Street Journal, the area around the scene is complex, which was inhabited family, and the timing of the atmosphere is very calm.
"This incident is very surprising, especially happen at Christmas. Murder can happen anywhere, but here there are only seven people were killed.'s Frightening," said one neighbor, Jose Fernandez.

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