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Residents Upset, Ahmadinejad Throwing Shoes

Residents Upset, Ahmadinejad Throwing ShoesIt was not the only former U.S. President George W. Bush alone is never the target of shoe throwing. The same incident recently happened to the President of Iran,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

CNN reported the station, Tuesday, December 13, 2011, when speaking at anevent marking the death of a former oil minister Monday, two shoes flying towardAhmadinejad. Luckily, the throw misses and the banner behind him.

The guests who attended immediately arrested the offender and beat him before hewas detained by security forces. The perpetrator was identified as Rashid S.citizens of the city of Sari, a former textile factory worker.
He is famous for desperate measures. Previously, he had also been arrested forthrowing eggs and tomatoes at the former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.Rashid admitted throwing a shoe at Ahmadinejad for not getting upset was a year of unemployment benefits.
The guests and the event organizers and to apologize to Ahmadinejad. To return to take his heart, and guests sang chant support for the president.

In the countries of the Arab and Persian, throwing shoes shows a deep contempt.Before Ahmadinejad, the head of state has ever thrown shoes is former U.S. President Bush in Baghdad, Iraq.
Pelemparnya is a journalist who claimed upset over the U.S. invasion of his country.Despite a three-year prison sentence, he is considered a hero by some. (ren)

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