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Greasy hair Kim Jong-un outbreak in North Korea

Pyongyang youths willing to stand in line for hours for a haircut model "ambitious" is

Youngest son Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, sparked a new trend in North Korea. Newhairdo is now followed by the youths known as the North and pieces "young" or"ambitious". Haircut model Kim Jong-un is parted in the middle piece of greasy andcombed back. The hair on the left and right ear dipapas out.
Reported by Reuters on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, the appearance of KimJong-un was deliberately made like his grandfather, Kim Il-sung. He always appears complete with the classic style safari suit Mao Zedong.

Young generals in their 20s became famous after mentioned will succeed his father,Kim Jong-il, as the supreme leader of North Korea. He often accompanied his father caught on camera in a variety of visits and receives foreign guests.

KCNA news agency quoted a barber, An Su-gil, claiming haircut Jong-un is now sopopular among young North. In many places, barber, North Korea youths willing to queue for hours to get their haircut "ambitious" is.

The newspaper Rodong Sinmun participate inflame the situation by stating haircutJong-un suitable for youth who want to appear cool. "The young man with short hair'ambitious' by the high parts of this will look authoritative and cool," wrote the newspaper.

Yonhap news agency in South Korea not to be outdone preach, but in the form ofrebuttal. Yonhap denied that Jong-un haircut is becoming a trend. The piece saysthat model is a standard piece in the North. Pyongyang youths chose that stylebecause of a matter of practicality, not because you want to look lagaknya KimJong-un. (kd)

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