Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Embargoed West, Iran is precisely Fortunately Large

Efforts of Western countries to punish Iran through sanctions and embargoes do not produce results. The proof that Iran even more rich through the profits of oil production several fold.According to the international energy research firm, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA IHS), Iran gains this year in the oil industry more than tripled compared to the year 2010. At the end of this year, Iran is expected to pocketing more than $ 100 billion (Rp911 trillion), a new record in Iran's oil profits.
Bhushan Bahree, IHS CERA's senior director for global oil, says Western sanctions against Iran does not affect much. Sanctions and embargoes from the West to oil companies in Iran, he explained, it makes the world oil price rises.
"Any sanctions imposed by the West will increase the tension, fear will lead to the creation of conflict. This is what makes the prices higher," said Bahree quoted by news agency Press TV, Wednesday, December 14, 2011. Rising oil prices which then make Iran a big profit.Nuclear IssuesWestern sanctions led the United States granted because Iran is still continuing their nuclear program. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said that Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad's government denies this, saying that their nuclear energy and medical purposes.
Latest sanctions imposed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union on 1 December. A total of 180 individuals and companies embargoed by the European Union. Earlier on 21 November after the publication of the IAEA report about Iran's nuclear weapons, Western countries like the U.S., UK and Canada to apply unilateral sanctions for Iran's energy and financial sectors.
Various sanctions are imposed, Iran refused to budge, saying that sanctions are not effective. Bahree explained, Western sanctions do not affect much because Iran has a lot of oil buyers and investors from non-Western countries."No denying Iran sells its oil to other countries," said Bahree

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