Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos from Playboy Showcase Ominous Marilyn Monroe Admiration?

Lindsay Lohan's leaked photos from Playboy has brought her the notoriety she so hoped for (at least online). However, devout Lohan fans are probably asking themselves if there was any difference between her leaked "Marilyn Monroe-ish" Playboy photos and the other nude "Marilyn Monroe-ish" photos from her 2008 New York Magazine photo shoot. The answer: a resounding yes! When the photos are taken into consideration by themselves, there is a major visual difference.
Lindsay Lohan HD 11x17 Sexy Actress #07 HDQHowever, don't expect that difference to transcend the blatant Marilyn Monroe soft-porn feel of both photo shoots.
As sexy as Lindsay looks in both shoots, the fact is that she's trying her best to emulate a dead hot mess. Yes, Monroe was a hot mess as in hot as hell, but still craving attention and never satisfied with herself. Dying at the age of 36 helped immortalize Monroe but that could also be the fate of Lohan.
Photos from Lindsay's leaked Playboy photo shoot (which can still be accessed online here) have the usual Playboy grandiose sex color scheme of reds with an airbrushed feel that exuded soft porn. Marilyn's shoot exhibited the same soft porn feel.
Sadly, ladies and gents, that's all you get from LiLo: soft porn with no crotch shot! EvenCourtney Stodden and Reese Witherspoon's recent camel toe shots showed, well, camel toe! But, Lindsay is trying her best to play it safe.
Both set of LiLo's photos display full frontal but as Porky Pig puts it: "That's all folks!" Yes, Lindsay Lohan looks ravishing in both set because most of her freckles have been photo shopped and because you can't see her vag but truth be told, Lohan is racking a better rack then Monroe was!
Sadly, this proves that even with a dismal career, trashed reputation and diva behavior, Lindsay Lohan will be able to remain in the public's eye because of her large droopy boobs. Scary skinny Ali Lohan will always be third place... Sorry, Hollywood loves 'em skinny but not when they turn up as sticks!
The saddest part of everything is that experts are weighing in and saying Lindsay's legacy would be better off if she died young the way her idol, Marilyn Monroe did.

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