Rabu, 07 September 2011


If you believe one conspiracy website, the oddest thing that took place Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium weren't the hundreds of lightning strikes that caused a pair of long weather delays or the fact that the Fighting Irish got worked by a second-rate team from a third-rate conference. It was the presence of extraterrestrial life hovering above the stadium.
Amateur skywatchers noticed a number of unidentified flying objects circling the stadium during the first weather delay. This clip, taken from NBC's broadcast, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that wacky conspiracy theorists are proficient at uploading video to the Internet:
Cue the "X-Files" theme while I make a few observations:
1. You know what flies around huge, enclosed stadiums when the wind is whipping around during a thunderstorm? Everything. Programs, ticket stubs, popcorn containers, hot dog wrappers, napkins, the band's sheet music, copies of "Infinite Jest" that were brought to the game by a freshman attending the football game ironically; you name it. There are literally thousands of better explanations for what that little white thing was than a UFO.
2. The UFO was voted No. 23 in this week's coaches' poll.
3. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is considering starting the alien occupants of the vessel at starting quarterback this weekend against Michigan.
4. Is it coincidence that the UFOs flew over South Bend when Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, N.M., had a home football game the same day? The same day people!
5. If the aliens were looking for intelligent life they were unsuccessful, likely because they were unable to discern why NBC would continue broadcasting games of a team that hasn't won a major bowl game since 1990.

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