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Household Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Cracking Since 6 Month

Household Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Cracks From 6 Months LaluSetelah five years, surprisingly decided to Katie Holmes Tom Cruise sued for divorce. Tom and Katie's household was already cracked from 6 months ago.

As reported by TMZ, Tuesday (07/03/2012), in a divorce suit, she reveals her household has been problematic since six months ago. He and Tom have not found a match again.

Meanwhile, Tom is confused by reason of divorce which she expressed in her lawsuit that. Stars 'Minority Report' was very shocked when I learned he was being sued for divorce Katie.

"The reason she is very confusing. Tom never knew if she would divorce her. Tom was very surprised by his wife's decision," said a source close to Tom.

Not only Tom, their fans were very pleasantly surprised by the news of the divorce. Moreover, Tom and Katie look still intimately two weeks ago.

On June 16 last, Tom and Katie got caught on camera being hand in hand. At that time, she visited Tom on the set of her latest film in Iceland.
katie holmes tom cruise divorce

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