Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Multiply Indonesia Southeast Asia Market Base

With its headquarters would be moved to Indonesia, today certainly has a new hope-related business in the country. One is able to conjure Indonesia became the basis of e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.
Daniel Tumiwa, Country Manager of Indonesia revealed today, although coming from Uncle Sam's country, the market in the U.S. today is not true. But in Asia, specifically Southeast Asia.
"For if we speak the U.S. market, it's already mastered the Amazon and eBay. While today's market of Southeast Asia," he said, when met on the sidelines of the inauguration of cooperation with XL today in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/01/2012).
"For that we choose Indonesia as our new headquarters because of its size is very large. In Indonesia we will create a market base for Southeast Asia today. Where all strategic plans, and other important matters will be arranged from here (Indonesia-red.),"Daniel added.
Multiply itself is preparing everything to move its headquarters from Florida, U.S., to Indonesia. Starting from setting up the organizational structure, strategic business plan, and various other things.
"In Southeast Asia, our market has been strong, so it makes sense if you move the headquarters of the United States. If there is too much for the communications, conversations tired. If here in the morning over there tonight. In fact online businesses need to be fast handling," explains Daniel .
"Now we already have about 55 employees in Indonesia today. Will be added to about 150 people. Where most people will be filled locally," he continued.
Multiply itself now mentioned already has 60 thousand sellers, 2.3 million members from Indonesia, and 1.1 million products sold.As for competitors, among others,,, Rangkuten, and
"Our target into two or three in Indonesia. Unfortunately there is currently no party who rate the online trading site in Indonesia. So still do not know," Daniel insisted.

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